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Common Areas of Care

* Joint Pain *Back Pain * Neck Pain *Knee Pain *Headaches

*Muscle Spasms * Sciatica + More!

Conditions We Treat 

Shoulder Pain & Injuries

We treat the most common reasons for shoulder pain such as trauma, falls, excessive and repetitive motions.   

Back Pain & Injuries



Other Conditions 

The most common and leading cause of disability. We treat  back pain injuries caused by poor body mechanics, bad posture, and trauma. 

Manage your pain by improving your posture and movement pattern which is the key to rid this debilitating condition for good.

Sometimes people enter our office completely unaware of what caused their pain.  We identify the cause of pain and go at it full force.

Stenosis, Headaches, Dizziness, TMJ Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy + More!

Mamak Shakib, DC - Irvine Chiropractor

Dr Shakib is an Irvine Chiropractor who focuses on getting rid of your pain and help optimize your energy and posture. My team and I have established a reputation of being pioneers to our Irvine community with a style of practice that has the health of the patient and not political health trends as our goal. My specialty is Brain-based Neurology and Posture to help determine the posture and balance map of the brain which helps detect the areas that have weakened as a result of lifestyle.

best chiropractic, irvine spine wellness center
best chiropractic, irvine spine wellness center
best chiropractic, irvine spine wellness center

- Patient Testimonials* -

I honestly feel for the first time in years, I may just beat this debilitation condition that has “dogged” my every sleeping and waking moment…Without doubt I would recommend this practice to any one.

I felt relief in coming here. Hope for right answers. The chiropractic adjustment was gentle yet very effective. I learned that right nutrition helps the body heal. I like Dr. Shakib, she reveals the truth about my condition and its not only structural. I like that she has many ways to help me to be healthy. Dr. Shakib empowered me to help myself. Thank you!

Pam G.

Donna B

I feel confident in recommending Dr. Shakib’s expertise. Their business is run efficiently, friendly; and one plus that I really appreciate is, promptly.

Peggy L.

What brought me to see Dr. Shakib was stress and pain in my upper and lower back. The office hours being convenient and the staff being super friendly makes my experience with Dr. Shakib even more fun.

Jocelyn L. 

So we started seeing Dr. Shakib with a lot of skepticism in our hearts, but she has won us over with her hard work and deep compassion. We think that chiropractic care is a great approach to getting well and staying well. Give it a try!

Laura S.

5 start psychologist Michelle Leve
5 start psychologist Michelle Leve
5 start psychologist Michelle Leve
5 start psychologist Michelle Leve
5 start psychologist Michelle Leve

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