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Regular Visits

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Good Posture is not an accident or luck!

If your treatment plan includes adjustment with any other therapy or Brain-based exercises, the length of your regular visits will vary. For instance, you may be only receiving an adjustment or a combination of adjustment with a passive therapy such as Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

In most cases, patients are quickly moved to the Active Phase of care when they will be adjusted and then do their recommended Brain exercises in the Brain Rehab. Gym at the clinic. This is when all specific Brain exercises are performed with the type, duration and frequency dictated by the treatment plan set by your very objective examination Neural Capacity Score.

At our clinic we take pride in KNOWING how valuable everyone’s time is and therefore we go out of our way to assure you are moving forward and correctly with each in-clinic exercises.

If your regular visit involves Brain-based exercises, we ask that you wear comfortable clothing and take your shoes off at the Brain Rehab. Gym, wearing socks as bare feet will provide valuable information to the Brain, assuring a more effective Brain exercise session. Each Brain exercise session is either accompanied by an adjustment before, or by a Neuro-scan assessment by the doctor before the session begins. This is done to optimize your rehab session to your most current presentation.

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