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Irvine Spine & Wellness Center Reviews

What Our Irvine Chiropractic Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Irvine Spine & Wellness Center, previously Irvine Family Chiropractic, patient testimonials below and click here to email us or contact the office if you have any questions.

The Irvine Spine & Wellness Center Team

Very Positive and Optimistic Force

Our family arrived at Dr. Shakib’s doorstep discouraged, disheartened, and in pain. How we found her and why we have stayed with her is an interesting story…

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We brought our teenage daughter to see Dr. Shakib in hopes that she could help her overcome her chronic fatigue. She had experienced a highly stressful event and was unable to bounce back from it. As the months went by, she was getting steadily weaker and more discouraged. We were getting more scared by her downward spiral. This was a kid who was in honors courses and danced a couple of hours a day and who was barely able to get out of bed in the morning. Since “traditional” medical treatment was not helping our daughter, we began to consider other health care approaches. One night we googled “chiropractic EFT Irvine California.” To our astonishment, Dr. Shakib’s website popped up and her office was close by. We had never been to a chiropractor before and were not really sure how a chiropractor might help. Frankly, we figured that Dr. Shakib would just be another doctor in the long parade of doctors who we had already seen. But we figured that nothing else was working so we had nothing left to lose. So we called her and set up an appointment.

From the very beginning, Dr. Shakib was a very positive and optimistic force in our daughter’s life. She spent a lot of time listening to her, asking questions, gathering information, testing and evaluating, and most importantly thinking about her condition. Together they set some goals for her recovery. Dr. Shakib then created a treatment plan that was a combination of structural, nutritional, and emotional support and off to work they went. Within several weeks, we began to see some improvement. After a couple of months, our daughter could make plans to do things with friends and actually be able to stick to them. The treatment plan involved three visits a week in the beginning. This proved to be very good for our daughter because her frequent interactions with Dr. Shakib went a long way toward relieving her anxiety about her condition. She could then focus more on actually being well and less on being sick. She’s now getting back into dancing and making plans for college.

Next up was our teenage son who was experiencing pain from his baseball pitching (and had terrible posture). Dr. Shakib evaluated his range of motion, came up with a treatment plan, and got him started. While in the early stages of his physical therapy for his back and shoulder, he sprained his ankle and fractured a bone during a baseball practice. Dr. Shakib was able to start him on cold laser therapy right away and made sure that he kept up with his exercises while recuperating. Within six weeks he was running around again. Our son has now decided to take up football, in addition to baseball. We are very happy to have someone like Dr. Shakib check up on him every few weeks to make sure that he stays in good shape.

Of course, we (the parents) are much older than our kids and are also experiencing pain or falling apart, but in different ways – poor posture; weakening muscles; injured knees, hips, ankles, feet, backs, and necks; slowing metabolisms; etc. Now we are working with Dr. Shakib to treat some of our problems too. And, yes, we are getting better.

So we started seeing Dr. Shakib with a lot of skepticism in our hearts, but she has won us over with her hard work and deep compassion. We think that chiropractic care is a great approach to getting well and staying well. Give it a try!

– Laura S.

More Energy!

What brought me to see Dr. Shakib was stress and pain in my upper and lower back. The office hours being convenient and the staff being super friendly makes my experience with Dr. Shakib even more fun.

I can now do more things in the house with my children and their activities. I definitely have more energy and would recommend the office to everyone.

– Jocelyn L.

“Gentle & Effective”

I felt relief in coming here. Hope for right answers. The chiropractic adjustment was gentle yet very effective. I learned that right nutrition helps the body heal. I like Dr. Shakib, she reveals the truth about my condition and its not only structural. I like that she has many ways to help me to be healthy. Dr. Shakib empowered me to help myself. Thank you!
– Donna B.

A Rare Find!

Dr. Shakib has the gift all practitioners should aspire to have. She is personable, communicative, caring and capable. She inspires confidence and made me feel as though I was the only patient she had to think about.

Dr. Shakib spent a great deal of time with me on my first visit so she could fully understand my issues and needs. This is rare to find in today’s medical climate. I am an allopathic physician and feel excited and very fortunate that my and Dr. Shakib’s paths have crossed!
– Jill E.

Our Quality Of Life Has Changed!

About a year ago, our daughter woke up one Saturday morning with terrible pain in her neck, and could hardly move her head because of the intense pain.

We called Dr. Shakib, who accepted Shani for immediate treatment. The therapy released the pain and Shani was able to turn her head again!

Since that day, Shani is treated on a regular basis by Dr. Shakib, so that she maintains her well being. After every meeting with the wonderful Dr. Shakib, Shani feels great and awaits her next appointment.

As three of the four family members were already regular patients of Dr. Shakib, we decided to bring our younger daughter to treatments as well.

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Without a doubt, meeting Dr. Shakib has changed our lives and the quality of our lives. We feel healthier and stronger. We enjoy coming to the clinic and meeting the amazing Dr. Shakib, have our body adjusted and our spines fine tuned, all that while having fun and laughter.Aside for the chiropractic treatment we have been given, on many occasions, answers to situations and problems that conventional medicine could simply not attend.Dr. Shakib has been blessed with good hands, caring heart and lots of knowledge. Every treatment becomes an exceptional experience – with lots of true feelings, just like family.Dear Dr. Shakib – for us you are number 1!With love,
The S. Family

“Cannot imagine how I managed pain without chiropractic!”

Many years ago, I was persuaded by a friend to seek chiropractic care for untreated whiplash from a car accident.

Once I began receiving care and found complete relief after treatment, I was convinced of the efficacy and value of chiropractic. When I began experiencing back pain with PREGNANCY, I did not hesitate to seek treatment especially once I found a practice experienced with pregnant women. Sometime in July or August of 2003, I looked up the office on the internet; I am very satisfied with my care and have gotten great relief to the point that cannot imagine how I managed pain without chiropractic care!

Dr. Shakib is knowledgeable, careful and thorough. I feel safe and confident in her care. She is experienced working with pregnant women and I get a sense of sincere caring with this practice. I would feel comfortable contacting the office anytime if I had an emergency or acute condition because I know that she would do whatever she could to help.

I find the exercises Dr. Shakib recommended to be very helpful to managing my back pain as a complement to adjustments. I like that Dr. Shakib encourages such efforts to alleviate symptoms. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Shakib to anyone I know.

Dawn A.
Irvine, CA

Comprehensive Treatment For Long-Term Pain

I have had a history of severe neck problems and quite a bit of lower back situations since my late teens (I am now in my middle forties), and have attended many chiropractic clinics throughout that time all over the world as we travel a lot with my husbands job.

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We had arrived in California for a temporary stay of a year, and I had been in the country only ten days when I had the most chronic neck pain I had ever had. My neck had locked solid and it was as if my head had become too heavy for my neck to support. (It was not due to the amount of brains I was carrying either). Being so new here, I did not have a clue who to turn to, and my husband very luckily picked The Irvine Family Chiropractic telephone number out of the yellow pages.Dr. Shakib very kindly fit me in, as I was in so much pain, and began to assess the damage. She took an x-ray, no-one had ever done that before, and I was given comprehensive treatment for the relief of the major pain. Over the next few months she set about putting right years of damage, even using massage to put right muscles etc. The most amazing thing to me was that Dr. Shakib, having acknowledged that I have had a lot of trouble over so many years, gave me a series of neck muscle exercises that I had to do at least 30 minutes per day in order to prevent this happening again.No-one had ever suggested that there was a way of preventing the recurring trouble; I have faithfully done these exercises and I honestly feel for the first time in years, I may just beat this debilitation condition that has “dogged” my every sleeping and waking moment. More than that, Kara as well as Dr. Shakib have taken a perfect stranger and welcomed me to their “chiropractic family”, and that has been very special to me. Without doubt I would recommend this practice to any one.
– Pam G.
Irvine, CA

Got My Family Bragging Rights Back!

Dr. Shakib is the primary reason I am able to continue as a “Weekend Warrior” at age 41. Needless to say, when I first came in, my condition could be described as a body with a complete ache.

I had blown out my ankles in high school and college basketball/ baseball. My back was in even worse condition. My father, an M.D., took a look at my back x-ray and said you can swim and ride a bike, period.

Obviously, I got a second opinion and ended up here at Irvine Family Chiropractic. It is nice to know I’m able to give my 13 year old all-star son a run for his money for a couple of years.

He’ll have to earn family bragging rights.

Scott H.

Passion For Life Renewed

Sometime during March of 1994, I began experiencing pain in my right elbow. As is my custom, I tried to ignore it figuring that in a couple of days it would get better. I had no idea how or what I had done to cause this problem, but I knew it hurt..

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Around the end of April, I decided perhaps this was something my family doctor needed to look at and may be I could get some relief from the pain. My doctor diagnosed the problem as Tennis Elbow. I wore a brace for ten days and returned to the doctor still experiencing pain. He decided that perhaps a cortisone shot in my elbow would be the answer.Well, it was great and the pain was gone – for about four weeks – and then it was back as bad as ever. Not being one to go to doctors much I again figured it would get better, but by the end of July it didn’t and back I went. We tried a different brace this time and after that didn’t work, the doctor said it would eventually get better and I was on my own. How frustrating! Not only did it not get better, my elbow area got more sensitive and I was not able to straighten my arm out completely because of tenderness.I have been to chiropractors in the past and experienced good success. Some time in September, I believe, we received a newsletter at work from Irvine Family Chiropractic discussing headache problems and chiropractic in general. I also have experienced ongoing headaches for most of my adult life. I decided that the problem with my elbow needed one more try before I decided that this was as good as it gets.I called Irvine Family Chiropractic and made an appointment with Dr. Shakib for the next day. Dr. Shakib took x-rays of my arm and neck, took the time to talk to me about my problem and the history of that problem, and helped me to understand what my situation was and how we were going to take care of the pain. I was relieved to know that my problem was a little more rare than Tennis Elbow and that we could work on a solution to make me feel better.I was given treatments at her office and exercises to do at home. I am reaching the end of my treatments and find myself 85% better. My elbow is not as sensitive as it was, I can straighten my arm out and am experiencing complete use of my arm. I am certain that by the end of my treatments the pain will be gone and I will be back to normal. Even if for some reason that doesn’t happen I find that where I am today I can live with where before I didn’t want to have to live with the pain and discomfort I was having.A side benefit to all of this is that my headaches have also gotten better. Often times now I can relieve a headache by doing my exercises instead of taking medicine. My son is a basketball/volleyball player at Tustin High School and was having ongoing problems with his ankle after spraining it at practice one day. He, too, has gone to Dr. Shakib and his ankle is getting stronger with treatments and exercise.I feel confident in recommending Dr. Shakib’s expertise. Their business is run efficiently, friendly; and one plus that I really appreciate is, promptly. Please feel free to use this letter however you would like. I hope that you can tell from this letter how much I have appreciated what you have done to get me feeling better. Thanks!!!
Peggy L.

Friendly & Down-to-earth

I was in an accident and was doing physical therapy for weeks with no results. I decided to seek care by Dr. Shakib despite the 2 hour drive!

I became a patient at this office back when I lived in Irvine and was happy with my care so it was worth the two hour drive to be treated by my good doctors. They have helped me with my low back and neck pain in the past, are caring, friendly and down to earth, and the staff make me feel like family. I believe in them so much that I don’t let the 2 hour drive get in my way of seeking care by them, have referred them to several people and recommend them to everyone.

Kim J.
Hesperia, CA

Dr. Shakib found the cause of my problem

Sometime in 2000, I became a patient at Irvine Family Chiropractic. After my examination, Dr. Shakib not only figured out what was wrong but was able to find the CAUSE of my problem.

In addition to ceasing the bad habit that had led to pain, I learned about ways to relieve my own discomfort through specific stretching given by Dr. Shakib. What I like about Dr. Shakib’s office is how the office treats my family and me as an important part of the Irvine Family Chiropractic- “family”. We can reach the doctors when we need to and the office is so accommodating with our busy schedule. I am so satisfied with my care by the doctors at Irvine Family Chiropractic that not only my whole family including my husband, daughter and 2 sons are patients, I have referred the doctors to several others as well.

Lynn S.
Irvine, CA

“I was impressed!”

I had pain in my neck and shoulder area that was not getting better. I sought care by medical doctors but they basically told me that I had to live with pain.

One day, talking to a friend of mine about my pain, she told me to call Dr. Shakib’s office; she told me how satisfied she was and how much the doctors here were helping her with her pain. I am so glad that I listened to her!

I was impressed by the thorough review of my history and the explanation of what was happening with my neck. The treatment plan was then explained to me precisely and I was given things to do on my own to help me with my pain. The whole atmosphere has been so positive and friendly and I am so satisfied with my care by Dr. Shakib that I have referred 4 people to their office. I only wished they had chocolate chip cookies in the waiting room and Dr. Shakib was not making more quilts than I do!

Aida G.
Irvine, CA

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