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Structural Assessment for Irvine

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Adjustment

Through chiropractic, we remove the interference to your nervous system.

Our facility is THE ONLY clinic IN IRVINE and one of only three in south Orange County offering the most technologically advanced computerized Chiropractic assessment and adjusting equipment available in the industry, the Pro-Adjuster.

Utilizing a highly sensitive and location-specific device, the vibrational frequency of each vertebra is assessed, and a diagram similar to EKG and EEG is composed. Our doctors are specially trained to analyze this graph, similar to the way cardiologists and neurologists are trained to read the EKG and EEG, and determine the exact vertebra responsible for the deviation from the healthy vibrational frequency of 50 HZ (cycles per second).

Utilizing this highly sensitive computer, the exact amount of gentle, painless pressure is then applied to the appropriate segment which brings the vibration to the healthy level of 50 Hz. The moment the computer attains TEN consecutive readings of the healthy vibrational frequency, the adjustment is complete assuring that you always receive the perfect adjustment. A post-scan then reveals the level of improvement at the given segment and its overall effect on the region.

This marriage of technology and tradition enables us to monitor our patients’ progress scientifically and objectively while allowing the patients to view the extent of their problem beyond the sore back and neck. The patient is then able to see the EXACT area of the body that is controlled by the nerve whose function was likely compromised by the vertebral misalignment. read more»

Reiki – Hands on healing

Reiki is an energy healing practice originating from Japan. While the patient rests comfortably on a table, the Reiki practitioner allows healing energy to flow to the patient’s body. During this treatment, the brain enters an alpha brain wave state, the brain wave state where the body repairs itself. Reiki can be used for general relaxation, emotional balancing or to address specific physical, mental or emotional patterns.

Personal Training

Personal training is not a luxury service and is quite affordable. We have many options available to help keep the costs as low and accessible as possible. read more»

Physical Therapy

Post surgical (Lower back, shoulder, hip, knee, foot)
Rehabilitation and postural correction. read more»

Massage Therapy

Deep tissue, reflexology, myofascial release, pregnancy and baby massage, Active Release Technique (ART) and sports injury. read more»

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